Your knowledge of the market was very accurate and your marketing and sale approach worked out exactly as you said it would. Through the open house, offer and countering processes your recommendations and guidance made the sale seamless. Your ability to get us through the inspection and approval processes to finalize the sale was invaluable to us. Brian & Debbie Hoppe- Newport Beach

What can one say about a team that sold your house and found you another one, all within ten days? Fantastic!! A little hectic and nerve wracking but awesome.

Linda Leisner- Irvine

We are writing this letter of recommendation for Mehdi and Nooshin Khosh because of the amazing customer service, support and professionalism they displayed during the difficult process of selling our home. Throughout the entire process, they remained helpful, positive and guided us step by step. They were able to bring many prospective buyers that were the right “fit’ for our specific house. In addition, Mehdi helped us purchase our current home. When it comes to what is usually the most significant purchase in our lives, we all appreciate having a seasoned professional help us along the way. Not once did we feel “rushed” to a decision and not once did Mehdi not return a call within minutes! A true sign for how positive our experience was is that we have recommended him to friends and family. He genuinely cares about people finding the best place to live for their family and life stage. We highly recommend Mehdi and would definitely have him represent us in any future real estate transaction. Henry & Lillian Chung

We want to thank you for all you have done for our family in both the sale of our home in Bonita Canyon AND the purchase of our new home. If it weren’t for your professional and determined efforts, we would never have this phenomenal home. Our words cannot begin to convey our appreciation for your outstanding real estate knowledge and perseverance which made this dream a reality. It was amazing to be able to sell our home without much interruption to our family, to a family we were proud to have in our home, and with a transaction that was amazingly smooth. The whole process was professionally guided, helping us make the right choices regarding timing, pricing, and showings. The ability to be persistent with negotiations, but in a way that is honest and fair to both the buyer and seller are key to your continuous success. You are the most pleasant, polite, and POSITIVE people to work with. When you combine these all together, it is no wonder you are so successful, no matter where you are! The most important thing to us is that we knew that you were always looking out for OUR best interest. It is obvious that you truly care about the happiness and successful outcome for your clients. Even at the expense of your own time. You never made us feel as if you were “just trying to get a quick sale”. We know that you did everything you could for us “and then some”. Time and time again, we’ve seen you go “above and beyond” on behalf of your client. For us you were unbelievably patient, and helped us be patient, in order to get the type of home we wanted. This is the true difference with the two of you….your personal devotion to those you represent. Kurt & Lori Openshaw- Newport Beach

Once in a great while, you will come across a person of whom you can say, “He was born to do his job.” In the realm of residential brokerage, such a man is Mehdi Khosh. Not only did he succeed in selling our Newport Coast home (fully furnished) to an overseas buyer in a challenging market within a few weeks of listing, but him and his team also helped us to find and buy our next home at the foot of Tustin Hills. And he made it look easy. In addition, he has virtually instant access to a retinue of exceptional consultants covering every imaginable issue that might arise in the purchase or sale of a home- inspection, title, home loans, pest control, woodworking, electrical, plumbing- you name it. What is more, Mehdi loves his work. When we call, he answers. And when he answers, we listen. Timothy & Jean Donnelly- Newport Coast

We realize why the Khosh team sells where no others can. They do so much more than meeting checklists of activity- they aggressively market and close transactions. They do the footwork to understand who is looking at houses, they build trust in relationships, and ensure that every detail is addressed for the prospective buyer. They pursued buyers, who lived out of the country, and closed the deal. On the buying side, their presence in the market opened doors to properties that were not yet listed and they showed us a good sample of what we were looking for. They are not afraid to deal with the seller and expose their bottom line, which is what we wanted to pay. They attended to all the details of the closing and made sure that we were taken care of post closing. Frank and Katrina Terence

From the moment we called you, the service you provided was unbelievable. We gave you a week to find a buyer for a home we loved. You not only found a buyer, you found a family who will love and enjoy our home as much as we did. The Winning Family

We hoped for a broker who could deliver the following: Knowledge of the market, Real contacts, ability to negotiate between parties fairly and accurately, ability to assist with third party needs delay, a true understanding of property valuations and strategic marketing, and a warm, professional attitude throughout the entire process, from listings to close. Team Khosh delivered in all categories. Our sale was smooth and painless. Stu & Gena Schreiberg- Newport Beach

Your reputation for being one of Southern California’s top real estate agents was more than exemplified during the very difficult market conditions in which you sold our home. Your professionalism and perseverance were at the core of the successful sale, which highlights the level of service and business savvy that you embody. We also appreciate the support and advice given by both you and Nooshin throughout the process as well as you honesty and professionalism. But most of all, it is the personal relationship that you and Nooshin build with your clients that makes the entire process a pleasure. This relationship is not for the convenience of the sale, but is a truly long lasting friendship. This shows commitment to your customer that goes beyond just closing the deal and moving on the next customer. It is this aspect of your business commitment as well as the success factors above that will ensure that we and other customers will recommend you with conviction and without hesitation. Ian and Stacy Olsen- Newport Beach

We wanted to write thank you for the great job you did representing us in the sale of our home, and also to compliment you on the high level of service the Khosh Team provides. Your advice and guidance throughout the escrow and closing process- which is complex and can be tricky-has exceeded our expectations, and been a great help to us. Keith and Sue Eyrich- Newport Beach